Ayubowan - masseren & Mediteren

Ayubowan - the oriental touch

The official greeting in Sri Lanka, note, I am not this. For me ,, go to the about me page.

Complete relaxation for your body and mind.

Feel fantastic by coming home reborn and feeling completely relaxed after a massage or meditation, a moment of pampering especially for you!

How nice it would be to go into the day in a relaxed way, then possibly do your work, be there with attention for your loved ones and finally fall asleep feeling satisfied!

To stay comfortable in your skin or to be able to relax more, it helps to get a regular massage or meditation. Because of the regularity of massage, meditation, aromatherapy and silence, your body gets used to relaxing more and more. As a result, everything flows more into your body, your muscles can relax, and your thoughts relax a little more.

How nice is that?

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